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About Mike-

Mike started his career  in film at the age of 3 as the youngest union stunt-player of the time. After 20+ years in the film industry and 100- something credits later, Mike moved on to his true life’s passion: Helping people. He first became a Certified Protection Specialist, specializing in protective service details. This was quickly followed by becoming an NREMT, certified through the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, graduating 2nd in his class. During EMT school he was approached by the National Ski Patrol, which led to years of mountain rescue and eventually meeting up with a group that launched his speaking career, Riding on Insulin. As a Type 1 Diabetic this is the moment is when his career found its meaning. Since that day in 2010, he has become a speaker for Tandem Diabetes Care and several other diabetes-related organizations across the country. He currently spends his time traveling the country speaking to crowds of a few dozen to a few thousand about his experiences as a stunt man and triathlete living with Type 1.  He also works as The PADRE Foundation's Development and Outreach Coordinator. It’s his firm belief that beating Type 1 Diabetes is a group effort, and Mike is most passionate about getting that group connected with each other.